Unless otherwise noted, the photographic images contained on these pages were created by Cornell University Photography. If you would like permission to use these images or would like to order prints, you can request information via E-mail at or via telephone at (607) 255-7675.

Copyright Notice

All graphics, photographs, and text of the Cornell University Home Page and connected pages displaying the Cornell University logotype above are copyrighted and/or trademarked by Cornell University, Ithaca, New York. Redistribution or commercial use is prohibited without express written permission. For information regarding usage, see below.

Use of Logos

University Communications and Media Relations strongly encourages use of the CU logotype to identify web sites maintained by Cornell University’s academic units, departments, offices, centers, and programs.

Trademarks, and Licensed Graphics

Logos and graphics relating to the university are subject to licensing agreements. If you have questions about legal use of these items, contact Communications and Marketing Services at (607) 255-4945.

Responsible Use

Cornell University requires people who use its information technology resources to do so in a responsible manner, abiding by all applicable laws, policies, and regulations.
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The Campus Code of Conduct sets forth standards of behavior that apply to all faculty, students, staff, and university-registered organizations. The Board of Trustees and the University Assembly each have authority over different sections of the Code, and the Code is amended from time to time to foster a safe and productive learning and living environment. Regarding computer usage, the Code of Conduct specifically makes it a violation “to recklessly or maliciously interfere with or damage, in violation of university rules, computer or network resources or computer data, files, or other information.” The Code also makes it clear that “misappropriation of data or copyrighted materials, including computer software, may constitute theft.” Violations of university policies, including computer usage policies, also constitute violations of the Code of Conduct.
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